October 4, 2022

Veld Koeltechniek acquisition

365 Capital - Press Release

The family owners of the 62-year-old company Veld Koeltechniek will transfer the shares of their company to management and private equity firm 365 Capital.

The Veld family has seen the company grow into a leading player in refrigeration and climate control technology over the past decades. Both directors, Marco Klein Falckenborg and Michel Berends, acknowledge that Veld is a stable and successful organisation that has a focus on delivering high quality and service to its customers. Together with its 250 employees, a lot of emphasis is placed on innovation and sustainability.

Increasing complexity

"The Veld family has seen the company change and grow considerably over the past decades,"Marco Klein Falckenborg states. "They have seen the requests become more and more complex and the market become more challenging. These developments have driven the family to reflect on their ownership and decide, in close consultation with us, to enter into discussions with a suitable partner for the next growth phase of our business." In the new ownership structure, Hans Veld and some key managers will participate alongside the management and 365 Capital.  

Michel Berends: "We were looking for a partner who will support us in pursuing our growth strategy,but with whom we are also able to safeguard the Veld DNA. By partnering with 365 Capital, we are certain that we will be able to maintain our culture and that we can realise our ambitious growth plans. 365 Capital's culture fits seamlessly with our company. With 365 Capital, we have a new, professional and financially strong partner on board which allows us to look into the future with confidence."

Hayo van Houten (365 Capital): "Veld Koeltechniek is a healthy company where employees and craftsmanship are core to all they do. We believe this is the reason for the strong performance of the company over the recent years. We are hugely impressed by what Veld has achieved to date and see it as a privilege to support Marco, Michel and their team in the next growth phase of the company."

The directors are convinced that by partnering with 365 Capital, a promising future lays ahead for Veld Koeltechniek, whose name and location remain unchanged. "Only the ownership structure will change. Our customers can continue to rely on our innovation, high quality service and partnership mentality as they have been used to from us," the directors said.