March 23, 2022

Rojo Steigerbouw acquires Mol Lifting and Nivo Steigerwerken

Market leader in scaffolding construction further invests in equipment rental for vertical construction logistics

Rojo Steigerbouw acquires Mol Lifting and Nivo Steigerwerken

Delft, Wednesday 23 March 2022 - Rojo Steigerbouw B.V. from Delft has acquired two companies: Mol Lifting from Dordrecht and Nivo Steigerbouw from Klundert. General Manager Fred Enterman of Rojo Steigerbouw is very pleased with the acquisition of both companies: "Thanks to the acquisition of Mol Lifting and Nivo Steigerwerken, we gain an even stronger market position in the field of safe, equipment rental for vertical construction logistics in the Netherlands. This acquisition also enables us to unburden our customers even further on the basis of a wider product and service offering." The acquisitions create a company with more than 300 employees (partly subcontracted) with a consolidated annual turnover of more than 42 million euros.


Mol Lifting specialises in passenger and goods lifts for the construction industry and to a lesser extent for the industrial market. Nivo Steigerwerken is a specialist in rental and (dis)assembly of steel scaffolding and support structures for the construction industry.


Equipment rental for vertical construction logistics

In equipment rental for vertical construction logistics, Mol Lifting is a renowned company that knows that people and materials must be transported safely on a project without malfunction and delay. As a result, the customer's intended project timelines are of utmost importance. Mol Lifting's extensive experience in the field of quality and safety of passenger and goods lifts has led to it being a very attractive add-on for Rojo Steigerbouw to make the step towards offering equipment rental for vertical construction logistics. Enterman: "Mol Lifting's activities fit seamlessly with our own activities. Just like Rojo Steigerbouw, Mol Lifting has teams that are fully equipped, excellently trained and certified. The company has more than 200 passenger and goods lifts and its own breakdown service. Through the acquisition, we can offer customers of Rojo Steigerbouw and Nivo Steigerwerken passenger and goods lifts, and customers of Mol Lifting in turn scaffolding and support structures."


Equipment rental for scaffolding and support works

Nivo Steigerwerken further complements the offer of Rojo Steigerbouw (which celebrated its 40th anniversary on 23 March) and is also specialized in support works. Both companies have only limited overlap in their customer bases. Enterman: "Thanks to the acquisition of Nivo Steigerwerken, we can unburden our customers even further and, in addition to complex scaffolding construction, also offer more support structure activities using only high-quality material. Nivo Steigerwerken is an excellent fit for us because we have the same company culture, a strong focus on safety and a very good reputation."

Strong demand from the market

Through these acquisitions, Rojo Steigerbouw achieves its goal of broadening its offer to respond to the strong demand from the market. Nothing changes for the employees of the companies. "We now form one group of companies that can each serve a larger group of customers from their own location. This cross-pollination allows every part of the group to grow further and become stronger," says Enterman.


Quality, agreements and safety

Rojo Steigerbouw has achieved considerable organic growth since its foundation in 1982 and distinguishes itself through its committed employees who provide customers with services from Delft and Swifterbant. Rojo Steigerbouw is active with advice, engineering, drawing and calculation work, assembly, disassembly and the rental and logistics of various scaffolding systems. Rojo Steigerbouw works for the largest construction companies in the Netherlands and is well known for delivering on time and in scope, and being able to carry out complex scaffolding projects safely and efficiently. Rojo Steigerbouw has a strong focus on quality, safety and teamwork. The company has been owned since 2021 by the current management team led by Fred Enterman and Jacob Plantinga and the independent private equity firm 365 Capital.