August 31, 2021

LimeGreen Holding acquires Vario Fields

LimeGreen Holding acquires Vario Fields

LimeGreen Holding B.V. (“LimeGreen”), based in Oldenzaal, has strengthened its position in the Netherlands by acquiring all shares of Vario Fields B.V. (“Vario Fields”) located in Lichtenvoorde.

LimeGreen is a business-to-business (“B2B”) developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative and sustainable artificial grass solutions for the landscaping market under the LimeGreen brand. LimeGreen supplies its products among others to landscaping companies and gardeners. LimeGreen is a portfolio company of private equity firm 365 Capital that is based in Amsterdam.

Vario Fields, based in Lichtenvoorde, has been active as a leading project organization in landscaping since 2006. They sell and implement high-quality artificial grass products and concepts. The organization employs 20 professionals. Over the past 10 years Vario Fields has built up a broad client base in various market segments, such as: municipalities, schools, architects, contractors, playground equipment suppliers and gardeners. Vario Fields is a well-known name in the growing landscaping market.

LimeGreen’s acquisition of Vario Fields matches with the ambitions of both organizations. Vario Fields sees an opportunity to accelerate growth in the Dutch market by exclusively using sustainable artificial grass solutions and concepts. Vario Fields sees LimeGreen as the right partner and brand with the ideal product range.

LimeGreen aspires a position as a prominent global player in the field of sustainable artificial grass solutions and concepts for the landscaping market, acting as a B2B ‘product company’. LimeGreen wants to understand its customers better and wants to further develop and improve its products and services and therefore chooses to integrate vertically in the Netherlands by acquiring Vario Fields. By combining forces with Vario Fields, LimeGreen brings in a team of experts in the field of installation and B2B market knowledge. Due to a shared modern organizational culture and experience with e-commerce, LimeGreen believes that together with Vario Fields they will be able to serve their national and international customers even better.

After the takeover of Vario Fields, approximately 30 employees work at branches in Oldenzaal and Lichtenvoorde. Nationally and internationally, similar local installation partners will be sought and connected to work as customer and partner of LimeGreen.

Jasper Eppingbroek says: “With this takeover Vario is able to continue to grow by working with the latest innovations, strengthen its position in the market and initiate a new promising phase for the fantastic team that has been built during the past years.”

Jasper Eppingbroek, the founder and owner of Vario Fields will become a shareholder in LimeGreen Holding and will be appointed as Managing Director.

Vario Fields and LimeGreen will continue to operate independently and fully under their own name.

For more information, contact LimeGreen Holding: press@golimegreen.com