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Business plan template for financing projects

Planning is an essential element for businesses and may always be expressed in a formal document containing the relevant details about a business association, a proposition of a set of business goals, the mode of achieving them and a defined plan for reaching these goals. 

This document is known as a business plan.  The nature of the project and the industry being addressed will determine whether to include or exclude certain elements when preparing the template for the business proposal.

The following format will give you a hint on what is required for a logical business project financial proposal template:

Executive Summary

This is the sum total of all the other parts of your business plan.  It must capture every aspect of the main body of the business proposal.  It forms the core of any business proposal template.  It must highlight the businesses’ strengths, being the current position and future outlook, the competition in the industry and how you intend to beat it, the ownership structure, the amount and type of funds sought, the proposed use of the financing proceeds and the repayment plan.

Business Description

This is the chance for the loan seeker to describe the type of business he is involved in and further outline the reasons why the business is above its competition in the industry.  The business plan template must be able to show the potential lenders or investors that there will be a return on their investments and that their loan will be repaid.  This section of the business financing template allows them to answer the following questions:

  • Should I invest in this business based on the proposal presented to me?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • Will there be a return on my investments?

It is important in this section of the business project financial proposal template to point out the name, address, website address and the physical location. These should be accompanied by the Company’s mission statement, the proposed business structure, especially on the ownership and lastly, a brief history of the company.

Market Evaluation

A show of your industry knowledge is appropriate at this point.  Discuss the characteristic of your target market in addition to its estimated size.  It is also necessary to show the factors which affect performance, including competition, when discussing this section of your project financial proposal template.

Sales and marketing

Every proposal template should be able to guide capital seekers and lenders on how the business will market itself through advertisement, pricing policy and any marketing projection for a minimum of five years.

Sales strategies should also include descriptions of the facilities that the business will have to assist it produce the necessary stocks and distribute to the market.


This part of the proposal will give an overview of the business association’s talent, education, skills and any relevant experience.  That should include the key employees, the Board of Directors, and human resources mechanism.

Financial performance

Business project financial proposal templates must also indicate to the intended users that financial data for at least five years is necessary.  Information such as key financial ratios, cash flow and working capital projections, break even points, underlying assumptions and the risks faced by the business will be very relevant.  Assistance from your Certified Public Accountant should be welcome.

It will also be important for aesthetic purposes, to include documents like intellectual property of the business, any photographs of projects completed and these in progress and any Charters of the business.  These can be put in the appendices of your business proposal for financing a business.



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